General Questions

  • How to choose appropriate battery charger for me?
    It depends on how large of the battery you want to charge and how fast you need the battery to fully recharge. For example, our model BX-1 is suitable for charging batteries between 1.2-120Ah. If the battery is larger and it must be charged quickly, you may choose model BX-2 which is rated for batteries 14Ah - 230Ah.
  • How long can I leave the charger connected to my battery?
    If the charger has switched to maintenance mode, it keeps battery in good condition when battery is not in use and enables charger to be left connected indefinitely. However, always check water levels every four weeks or as recommended by battery manufacturer to ensure battery remains at proper level.
  • What is memory function?
    Model BX-1 (PRO), BX-2,BX-3 & BX-5 have memory function. The charger returns to last selected mode automatically when power is switched on (this feature is unavailable for SUPPLY and BOOST modes). For repetitive charging process, this is a very useful feature. However, different charging mode could be selected by pressing the MODE button.
  • How long can the charger fully charge a battery?
    It depends on which model you have and size of the battery. Check approximate charging time table in the model’s manual.
  • Can I turn off the cooling fan while charging?
    No. The fan is to keep the transformer and electrical circuitry cool during charging. If you use model BX-5, you can select Night Mode which is suitable to charge battery during night time and its cooling fan is off.
  • Can the charger charge smaller size of battery than recommended?
    No. It would damage the battery
  • Can the charger charge larger size of battery than recommended?
    No. It would increase charging time significantly. Also, the battery may not be fully charged.
  • Why the charger quickly switches over to maintenance charging?
    It may be caused by rising of battery voltage quickly but capacity is very low. The battery has lost fluid or they are sulphated can behave in this way. Our charger tries to recover this type of battery with pulse charging.
  • Does the charger have spark protection?
    Yes. Our charger was provided with spark protection mechanism. This feature does not activate when the charger is in 13.6V Supply mode. The charger will not begin operation upon connection to the battery unless charging mode has been selected. This embedded feature eliminates the possibility of a spark that often appears during connections.
  • Why I need Cold Mode charging?
    This mode is recommended for several AGM batteries. This mode is suitable for charging batteries in sub-zero temperatures.
  • What happens if I have wrong selected the battery voltage for charging?
    The charger can detect the voltage of battery automatically. After connection, the charger will identify the type of battery. If the charger connects with 12V battery, it only allows you to select different modes for 12V battery.
  • Trouble Shooting:

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